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Our influencer label is the first of its kind. We develop thought leaders and help them create their own conversation in tech. Our influencers work together to create content and leverage each other’s audience. We also work with brands looking to reach our audience.





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Meet Mehak

Mehak Vohra is the founder and CEO of Jamocha Media. Mehak works primarily with early stage startups in user acquisition and social growth. She was #4 on Forbes Top 10 Gen Z Marketers list of 2017. She is the host of the internet show Daily Deck with Mehak where she talks about daily tech news.

Meet Rohan

Rohan Thakkar brings an entertaining and results oriented spin to an otherwise boring topic, financial literacy. Rohan leverages metaphors and emojis to make an impact and relate with any audience wanting to understand and make headway with millennials.

Meet John

John Frye is an entrepreneur who left Florida at 17 to launch a startup in Silicon Valley. He was on ABC Family's "Startup U" where he launched his first startup Granted, the AngelList for Nonprofits. He now is a growth marketer for Bevy labs where he helps scale the best communities in the world.

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